Glazing Units


Glazing Units – DGU, TGU, etc.



The principle

Manufacture of a glazed unit (GU) or Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) entails the assembly of at least two panes of glass, separated by one or more spacers (filled with a desiccant) and sealed hermetically along the perimeter using a sealants.  The spacers provide the desired Air-Gap between the two panes of glass, thereby providing the desired level of sound insulation. The desiccant used in the spacers absorbs moisture, resulting in a dehydrated air-gap.

IGs can be made of two glasses of different sizes. This is known as a Stepping IGU and is used in Open able window applications.

How do we produce a DGU ?


Step 1: Glass pane cutting  
 The large-sheet of glass is cut to the dimensions as per the customer’s work order. Soft-coated glass - is edge-stripped prior to assembly to ensure proper adhesion between the glass and sealants, as well as to avoid coating corrosion. This process is known as Edge-Deletion.
Step 2: Spacer frame manufacturing  
The Aluminum spacers are cut to the desired size and assembled (to form a frame like structure). The spacer bar is then partially filled with the desiccant, resulting in a moisture free cavity.
Step 3: Primary seal  
A primary seal of poly-isobutylene is applied to both sides of the spacer bar to render the IGU airtight. This seal adheres to the two glass surfaces that are used in the Glazing Unit.
Step 4: Washing  
Each pane is cleaned carefully under controlled conditions, to ensure perfect adhesion of the sealant and the butyl on the glass surface.
Step 5: Spacer bar positioning   
 The spacer bar is manually or automatically positioned along the perimeter of the first glass pane.



Step 6: Pressing  
The second glass pane is positioned automatically in front of the first sheet on the IGU production line. Both sheets are pressed on the spacer bar to make them airtight.
Step 7: Secondary sealing and labeling  
The IGU is given a second seal of silicone. The secondary sealant serves mainly to provide mechanical strength to the IGU panel. 

  • Doors
  • Conservatories
  •  Facades
  • Skylights